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The seal of quality "LOG" means LAGUIOLE ORIGINE GARANTIE and is cer-
tified by the "Institut Nationale de la Proprietè Industrielle". 
This seal guarantees the following quality criteria:




Place of business must be within a certain named region of the Petit
Aubrac, in which the traditional LAGUIOLE-forges were situated at that
time. Hereby it shall be avoided that other or even foreign manufacturers
who traditionally have nothing to do with the fabrication of the knives are
profiting from its brandname.

The blades of the knives must be forged and must adhere to certain
quality standards, among others: stainless, minimum temper of
56 Rockwell.

All parts of the kife must be fabricated within the company and no com-
ponents whatsoever can be bought outside.

The knife must be fabricated in the traditional way of workmanship.

A controlling and supervising system checks the compliance with the
quality criteria.
The society "Le Couteau de Laguiole" owns the trading rights and is entitled to
confer them to any manufacturer complying with these criteria and submitting
to the controls. Until now, however, no other enterprise but the manufactory
FORGE DE LAGUIOLE has received this seal of quality.

The main reason for turning down most requests is obviously that many manu-
facturers do not use forged blades. If the blades are nor forged but only cut of
sheet metal the "LOG" can not be granted.
laguiole seal