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The FORGE DE LAGUIOLE offers various handle scales for its knives and the sommeliers.
Horn is one of the traditional and original material used for the handles. It is a natural raw mat-
erial which grows again. However, cattle is nowadays often breeded without horns so this product
is running short.

It is important to know that generally two different qualities of horn exist. The lower part of the buf-
falo horn also called "tube" or "corne cache" is hollow, as it grows on the bone-tenon of the skull.
The tip is massive and thus also more robust. The proceeds of the tip compared to the proceeds
of the remaining part are substantially lower and hence more expensive. When horn is called
"genuine horn" one can be sure that it is horn from the lower part. The horn from the tip is spec-
ially marked and named "partie plaine".

Our range offers three versions: Noir (black), LEO (brown-spotted) and MIEL (honey).
Handle-scales made of rare-wood are available in a wide range. You can choose between:
amourette (snake-wood), box-tree, ebony, juniper, olive-tree, palisander, pistachio and thuja.
Furthermore we offer you handle-scales fabricated of bone made from the skin-bone of cattle.

Ivory (liscensend according to the species protection treaty) is also available with some knives
as well as primitiv mammut.
Stamina-wood is the name for a typ of wood stabilized with the help of synthetic resin. It is not
that sensible to natural shrinking processes furthermore it is very resistant towards humidity.
Different colour shades are obtained through colouring the resin.